Message from the Principal

Welcome to our website, St Ailbe's National School is located in Emly, Co Tipperary. It caters for boys and girls from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. We also have 2 special ASD classes. Our school is an all inclusive school where every child is valued and welcome. We are involved in a range of extra curricular activities like sports, drama and music. St Ailbe's National School has grown significantly in the last three years.  We endeavour to foster a caring environment where all children's strengths and talents are recognised and cultivated. Enjoy our website!


Welcome to Emly National School's website.

School Dates 


School crests are now available in school.

All uniform to be labelled with child’s name, no responsibility will be accepted for any uniform lost or damaged.

School Supplies

Mr. Hennessy is in charge of a school supplies shop where pupils can purchase the following items in the morning from 9.10am. ie. copies, toppers, rubbers etc. 

Music Classes

Classes continue as last year with Alan.  All children in Junior Infants will be given a tin whistle.  If this is lost or damaged parents will have to replace it.

Beanie Saving Stamps on sale at the school every Monday €1 each.  Children are encouraged to save their money for school tour etc.


W.O.W Days (Walk On Wednesday)

Children are encouraged to walk as a group from

1) Tennis Court Entrance

2) Hall

every Wednesday morning at 9.05am.  Adults need to accompany children to ensure their safety. Teachers are not responsible to supervise the walking to school.   It is hoped to have a cycle rack in place later on then children will be allowed to cycle, again supervised by parents.


Parents of Junior and Senior Infants are obliged to collect their children in the school yard for safety and insurance purposes. 

The safe returning home of all children after school hours is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians.


Children are supervised each morning from 9.10am onwards.  In the interest of safety please

do not drop your child in the school yard before 9.10am and leave then unattended.


Parking is becoming a problem again this year with our extra numbers.  Please observe the parking restrictions outside the school.


Please park your car on the school side of the main road.  

The School Improvement Planis focusing on SPHE for the coming year.  All children are asked to comply with wearing the full proper school uniform with school crest.  Black shoes must be worn.


Healthy lunches are also being encouraged.  All children are asked to have a piece of fruit for small break.  One treat only is allowed on Friday.




Mission Statement..

Emly National School is a Catholic Primary School under the Trusteeship and Patronage of the Archbishop of the Diocese of Cashel and Emly.

Emly National School strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure learning environment where the self-esteem of each child will be enhanced and the educational, spiritual, moral and cultural needs of each child are identified and developed.

While Emly National School is a school with a Catholic ethos, it also gives due recognition to children of all other religious beliefs and none.

Emly National School promotes excellence in teaching and learning and encourages all children to have respect for diversity, environmental awareness and appreciation of our community.


Wild encounters!

Inside the new Spraoi Classroom

School quilt designed by the children of Emly N.S to celebrate the centenary of the school

The children in 5th and 6th Class studied their locality in History and Geography, in particular the church, the grounds surrounding the church and townslands in Emly. Each child took a townsland and coloured it to effectively make a large jigsaw of out parish.

The school playground area and garden

Maths Class 5th and 6th Classes - Shape and Space 3D shapes